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“Jenga Ata Kama Ni Ya Mabati” Khaligraph Warns Musicians Who Are Still Renting In Nairobi

Khaligraph Shows Construction Progress For His Huge Mansion (Photos)

Khaligraph Jones called out musicians who are showing off on social media yet they are still renting.

The rapper while speaking on Instagram Live urged fellow musicians to buy land and build their own house.

Khaligraph, who himself is building a massive mansion, said he will move into his house even if it’s not complete.

“Ntaingia huko ndani ata kama haina dirisha. Ata kama haina plaster ntaingia,” Khaligraph said.

He urged musicians to build their own houses even if it’s made of iron sheet, insisting there will be no pressure for paying rent.

“Ata kama ni nyumba ya mabati unakaa huko bila pressure,” he said.

Khaligraph further cautioned musicians against day dreaming that they will buy property in posh estates like Karen.

He insisted that property in Karen are way too expensive for one to start with. The rapper implored artstes to start small before

“Wacha kufikiria ukipata pesa ununue kiwanja Nairobi. You will not afford. You will never get that money to purchase kiwanja Karen unless you are Ringtone. Kiwanja utanunua huko mbali na huko ndo utajenga,” Khaligraph said.

“Kama  mimi sasa nijidanganye I will get 50 million to purchase half an acre in Karen. Bro I will live in poverty,” he added.

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