Comedian Eric Omondi has accused the government of working hard to make life unbearable for Kenyans.

This comes just days after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority announced new fuel prices for the month of September- October.

The self proclaimed African president of comedy however called upon elected leaders to take a pay cut and the proceeds to be used subsidize fuel.

“The Kenya Kwanza government is hellbent on suffocating  and choking Mwananchi. I am calling upon the president, Deputy President, Prime cabinet secretary, all MPS, all MCAs to take a 5 month. Kila mtu anaumia, take a pay cut and subsidize fuel with the same,” Eric shared on Instagram on Sunday night.

His post was accompanied by a video buying fuel for  a handful boda bod riders at an unidentified petrol station.


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The comedian is however suspected to be eyeing a  political seat in the 2027 general elections with many believing it would be the Lang’ata parliamentary seat.

Recently, the father of two admitted that he has started thinking about vying in future.

Speaking to Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray, he said that his move has been influenced by the bad decision that elected leaders have been making that have seen Kenyans strain.

“We have to start thinking about it because, we have been teargassed, arrested  but when the time of making decisions, the stupid politicians pass finance bills, burdening Kenyans. You see Eric protesting, arrested and taken to central police station but when it is time for making decisions Erico is not there.

“So its just noise he is making out there. You see why I have started considering vying? And it is not me alone, we want to go in there and kick all of them out the 189 MPs that were voted in,” he explained.


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