Kinuthia recently bought a car just days after he announced that he was pregnant.

A section of netizens however criticizing him for buying a smaller vehicle, yet he could have gone for a bigger machine.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, the content creator however shared some of the reasons why he opted for the Nissan Note.

“First of all niliamua ni Note because nilikuwa nataka kakitu economical because for me most of the purpose ya hio gari itakuwa to move from one place to another because unapata Uber ulikuwa unatumia pesa mingi halafu pia na hii economy nilitaka kakitu kadogo.


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“Halafu pia for a start si vizuri kuanza na gari kubwa. Kuanza na gari kubwa ni kama tu kujichokesha. Uanze na Range Rover halafu ulemewe mafuta ikuwe inashinda hapa chini. Napiga tu picha halafu narudisha kiifunguo so unaona hakuna haja afadhali kitu tu chenye mtu atawezana nayo usinge na maisha,” he said.

He noted that he did not opt to hide the car because people will know one day and start bashing him as well.

“Tena content yangu ni lifestyle so nikaona tu wacha nipost tu. I was also celebrating my small win,” Kinuthia said.

He added that he was able to save and buy the car from the money he has been making on social media.

According to him, start envisioning himself owning a car last year in December.

Kinuthia had earlier caused a stir online by announcing that he was expecting a child little did netizens know that he was talking about his coming vehicle.

“Just a mummy and daughter affair ❤️🥰Welcome home baby Blessings,” the TikToker captioned his car reveal video.


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A post shared by Kinuthia Kelvin (@officialkinuthia_)


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