“Akothee ni tajiri kwa village yao, hapa Nairobi ni kama beggar tu,” billionaire KRG The Don claims.

KRG the Don asserts that it is impossible to compare individuals who own mansions in Nairobi with those who possess mansions in the village. According to him, the ongoing dispute between Akothee and Jaguar is a straightforward matter, and Kenyans should simply observe with their own eyes to determine who holds true wealth.

KRG says, Akothee does not own any mansions in Nairobi; instead, her two mansions are situated in rural areas. He insists its easy and cheap to own a mansion in a village because it is more affordable compared to acquiring one in a city like Nairobi.

KRG stated that owning a mansion in Nairobi signifies considerable wealth in comparison to solely owning a mansion in a village. He emphasized that Kenyans should refrain from comparing tycoons from rural areas to those in the city, as there exists a substantial difference between them.

KRG The Don and Akothee

He stated that Akothee’s wealth is limited to her village, implying that she should focus on her possessions and livestock.

The “Mambo yamechemuka” hit maker has been “dustbin speaking” since Akothee Schweizer got married to Omosh, without inviting him to their white wedding at the Windsor, Nairobi.

The beef between Jaguar and Akothee was ignited by the “Kigeugeu” and “Kioo” hit maker on his official return to music, after a long hiatus doing politics, the last five years.

Jaguar vs Akothee

Jaguar asked how the richest musicians in East Africa list was done without his name. He promised to quit music and his CAS job if indeed Akothee and Harmonize are richer than him.

Harmonize replied laughing claiming, if he was the same age as the former Starehe MP, he’d be many times wealthier.

Akothee just threw some shade back, asking when did men start competing and comparing themselves to women.

The drama continues, the clout chasers squeeze themselves in for attention, life goes on.

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