Larry Madowo has narrated miraculous events that took place before the horrifying mass shooting in Florida, USA.

On the fateful evening of May 29, as the joyous ambiance of the annual Memorial Day holiday filled the air, the tranquility of a beach boardwalk in Hollywood, Florida was shattered by the piercing sound of gunfire. Larry Madowo says, he could’ve have been injured or killed if the situation worsened.

Nine innocent souls were tragically wounded, their lives forever scarred by the heinous act of armed men.

Amidst this harrowing scene, Larry Madowo says he was at the beach for a meal at a nearby restaurant, and fortunately he had chosen a spot that would become his shield following the shooting incident.

Via Twitter, Larry Madowo says, “We were at a restaurant on the Hollywood Oceanfront Broadwalk in Florida when a shooting happened down the street. I took this picture as we ate.”

Deanna Bettineschi, spokesperson for the Hollywood Police Department, stated that gunshots were heard following a confrontation between rival groups.

“We could have easily been part of US gun violence statistics if we weren’t so hungry and picked the first spot. This is the moment the shots rang out. We were here at this exact time, just further down and unaware of what was going on.”

“You can never be too careful. But a nice beach and boardwalk otherwise. One victim of the shooting was a one-year-old,” Larry Madowo confesses.

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