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Lillian Nganga Reveals Why She Stopped Chopping Alfred Mutua’s Money 4 Years Before Their Breakup

Lillian Nganga Reveals Why She Stopped Chopping Alfred Mutua's Money 4 Years Before Their Breakup

Lillian Nganga has made it clear that she doesn’t regret the 10 years that she was married to Alfred Mutua because she enjoyed it to the maximum.

Lillian had no beef with her ex husband when she left him, she even showed up for his birthday party at the Emara Ole Sereni.

However, Mutua was not willing to let Lillian go. He tried in vain to reconcile with her, even resorting to using threats to get back with her.

The breakup ultimately became nasty as Mutua insisted on holding onto Lillian at all costs forcing her to move to court.

Lilian in her affidavit accused Mutua of frustrating her and threatening her life and that of Juliani, she petitioned the court for a restraining order against Mutua.

Mutua and Lillian were married for 10 years but she threw everything away when she met Juliani in June 2021.

On February 20th 2022, Lillian took to social media and revealed that she left everything behind when she broke up with Mutua.

“As an avid reader, I had hundreds of books where I used to live. Last year when I moved out, I purposely left them behind – as a fresh start meant leaving the past behind. Today as I picked a new read, I noticed how my ka small library is taking shape. ?☆Little Joys☆,” Lillian Nganga tweeted.

On February 21st, Lillian indirectly bragged about how she ‘milked’ Alfred Mutua dry stressing the she enjoyed it to the maximum.

“Nothing is ever promised to always remain the same. Life, family, love, friends, work, love etc. So when you have it going good, milk it dry. Enjoy it to the maximum,” Lillian Nganga wrote.

On March 2nd, Lillian revealed that she stopped wasting Mutua’s money on clothes and other beauty accessories as she disclosed that she used to be an impulse spender.

“I discovered minimalism 4 years ago and life has never been the same. No hoarding, no impulse purchases, no clutter. Pure bliss!” Lillian wrote.

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