Baha has been targeting Kenyans in the US whom he conned through false pretences.

The former Machachari actor, whose real name is Tyler Mbaya Kamau, was exposed by US-based Kenyan woman Judy Maina popularly known as Nurse Judy after he conned her $150/Ksh20,820.

Nurse Judy said Baha was asking for $400/Ksh55,520 but she only gave him 20k after he desperately begged her.

Nurse Judy said she gave Baha the money after he told her that he was on the verge of being evicted from his house.

Nurse Judy noted that she confronted Baha’s wife Georgina Njenga about her husband’s claim that they were being evicted after she sensed he could be taking him for a ride.

The US-based nurse revealed that Georgina told her that Baha was lying that that he had a gambling problem and that she was the one sorting out all bills.

Nurse Judy further revealed that Baha had conned three other people in America using the same storyline.

Baha came out selling his TikTok and Instagram account after being exposed for conning people.

He later admitted his gambling problems saying “I’m not ok. I’m working on it.”


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