“Me and mzee are no longer together” Manzi Wa Kibera reveals why she broke up with her lover.

Within the depths of Manzi Wa Kibera’s heart lies a longing for a love that transcends borders. In an interview a while back, she revealed her long-term aspiration to be married to a Mzungu, expressing a desire to explore a life beyond what she has known and experienced so far in Kenya.

She also confessed that her current partner, a 66-year-old man, seemed to be burdened by the weight of numerous health challenges.

She revealed that he was grappling with immense pressure, and his health struggles, including the management of diabetes, which were taking a toll on him physically and her emotionally.

Manzi Wa Kibera’s love life with an old mubaba touched the hearts of many, evoking a myriad of emotions across netizens. Many felt the two were a mismatch and the 22 and 66 years old difference was somehow disturbing.

Via her Instagram stories, she announced that the two are no longer together.

“Me and mzee are no longer together,” she wrote, opening up her page for questions from fans.

She further followed with a video explaining how she’s been mud dragged for being in a relationship with the 66 year old lover. Some said when she was born, the boyfriend was almost in his 30’s, others claim; she’s walking with a fossil.

These are some of the reasons Wambo feels it’s not worthy of to keep the relationship as Kenyans online claim, she has already milked the old man’s coffers dry.

There’s literally no penny left to give her a reason to hang around and rub his bald head and massage his ego a little, Awuoro!

It could still be one of her clout chasing acts as usual; considering the fact that Wambo is addicted to fame.

She’s been chasing this diamond in the dirt for a while,but it remains a pipe dream to her; even after doing the lowest imaginable things to attract attention and flip her fate.


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