KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi has addressed allegations of marrying Francis Atwoli because of his money.

In an interview with Radio Presenter Ankali Ray,  the KTN presenter was first asked what was the secret to their successful marriage.

“Unataka nini niambie. Mimi  nilikukataza hizo story zako za udaku. Kujifunza(mambo ya ndoa) unitafute si  masimusimu. waambie(Wambea) ndoa hainanga formula waende tu vile kunaenda,” she responded.

Asked on three things that made her fall in love with Atwoli, Kilobi questioned Ankali if he also likes the COTU boss or not.

He confirmed that he likes him and she tasked him to mention five things that make him feel that way about the 74-year old.

“Ni mtu wa watu, cha pili ana nguvu yaani kuongea kwake huko anakaa mkakamavu, cha tatu ana pesa, so shem nikimaliza utasema pia vitu vyako? cha nne ni mkarimu sana cha mwisho ni mkarimu sana,” Ankali said.

Kilobi confirmed that some of the things that the Milele FM presenter mentioned are what she likes about Atwoli.

She went ahead to deny allegations that she was with him because of money.

“We unaonaneje, we unanijua au hunijua? Sasa wewe ni baadhi ya wale wanaona nilimpenda kwa sababu ya pesa nataka kujua unabelong wapi,” she told him

Ankali respended saying that he doesn’t think that is the case and she agreed with him.


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Mary Kilobi and Francis Atwoli, a dynamic duo, became husband and wife in 2018. Their love journey, despite public criticism and scrutiny,  has been filled with love, laughter, and respect for one another.


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