“Betting is a disease,” Tyler Mbaya aka Baha of Machachari has opened up, confirming that he is struggling with gambling addiction.

In a joint press briefing with Pakamia, Jonika Foundation and a clinical psychologist, Baha said that most people don’t see betting as a disease.

He was however  grateful that many people had come out to help him so that he can overcome the addiction problem.

The actor also promised to share his story once he comes out of it successfully.

“I know all of you have seen what is going on around social media. One thing I want to say, betting is a disease, most people don’t look at it that way. Mimi ilinipata and I am so glad that I have so many guys who are willing to help me out.

“I just want to say thank you to Jonika Foundation and Pakamia because they are going to help me through this  hopefully after I can give my story and become like a brand ambassador for responsible betting, I just want to say thank and I hope all goes well,” Baha said.

The father of one recently revealed that he was undergoing therapy  after he went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Baha was exposed as a scammer by a US- based Kenyan nurse who claimed that he conned her Kshs20,000. Baha had initially requested Kshs62,000 from the nurse.

The nurse was forced to reach out to his girlfriend Georgina Njenga after the actor nagged her for more money.

She was shocked to see that Georgina was living happily and none of her Instagram posts reflected the troubles that Baha had approached her with.

“Hey, I’m not aware of anything of the sort and no we are not being evicted. Do you guys know each other? But he has been having a betting problem but if anything he did not borrow money to help us with anything, probably for him. He didn’t even tell me about this and I pay all the bills. I feel so bad that he’s using our child to get money and just bet,” Georgina told the nurse.


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