Moya David was exposed for allegedly cheating on Sophy, and that she took back her Prado TX, Moya City Spa and other lavish treats the popular dancer enjoys.

In the age of social media and instant information sharing, rumors and speculations can spread like wildfire, affecting the lives of individuals who find themselves at the center of unfounded allegations.

Sophy Maresch recently found herself embroiled in a web of rumors, accused of financing dancer David Moya’s lifestyle.

She has come forward to address these claims and put an end to the false narratives surrounding their alleged relationship.

The Sofire Entertainment CEO, whose identity has been at the center of speculation, took to social media to refute the rumors surrounding her involvement with dancer David Moya.

In a clear and concise message to her followers and the wider public, she urged people not to listen to baseless rumors and encouraged them to engage in more productive activities.

“Don’t listen to rumours. Do something productive, and stop jumping on things that you don’t know. If you want to know something, ask in a polite way,” she says firmly, dismissing the gossip and indicating her desire to put an end to the unfounded speculation.

The expose’ about David Moya’s lifestyle and his alleged sponsor came to light through blogger Edgar Obare’s revelations.

sophy maresch and moya davidObare accused the dancer of cheating on Sophy, who was rumored to be his financial supporter.

According to the blogger, she had allegedly gifted Moya a Toyota TX and a luxurious spa, both of which were reportedly repossessed after rumors of his infidelity emerged.

The situation escalated when Moya announced his decision to sell the spa, further fueling the gossip.

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