Mr Seed says he’s not been able to bathe himself or walk after staying in bed for 25 days, following the accident that killed his friend and video director Ambroze Khan.

Singer Mr Seed suffered injuries in a car accident that took place while he was on a trip with his wife, Nimo, and a few friends. The purpose of their journey was to search for land in Nanyuki.

As Nimo recounted, their journey began with excitement and anticipation as they eagerly sought to acquire land in Nanyuki. She documented their enthusiasm in a car video, capturing their joy and optimism about owning property. However, their happiness was abruptly cut short when they were involved in a tragic road accident, resulting in injuries and the loss of some of their friends.

Nimo took to her Instagram story, sharing a series of videos that revealed the aftermath of the incident. In the initial video, she and her husband were seen enjoying themselves in the car, unaware of the impending danger. Nimo captioned the video, “Little did I know what awaited us on the road. I have never felt such fear in my entire life.”

Nimo Mr seedLater, Nimo posted another video in which she expressed her excitement upon reaching Nanyuki and the prospect of acquiring land. She conveyed her happiness, saying, “Look at how thrilled I was. We had our plans, but ultimately, God has the final say. It’s still unbelievable.” Regrettably, their joy was short-lived as the accident occurred thereafter.

Nimo also shared a photo of the devastating accident scene, displaying a severely damaged car. In a heart-wrenching statement, she penned, “I don’t know whether to feel relieved that some friends survived, as I can’t stop my tears knowing that others lost their lives too. Everything is a blur. All I remember is running and seeing them lying on the ground, pleading for them to wake up.”

According to Nimo, kind-hearted strangers came to their rescue and assisted in transporting the injured to the hospital. She disclosed that her husband, Mr Seed, sustained injuries to his hands and legs, as well as a fractured pelvis. Nimo appealed to her followers for prayers, urging them to also keep the affected families in their thoughts.

Via his Instagram page, Mr Seed says it’s depressing that he’s not been able to walk or clean himself for the 25 days he’s spent in bed.

Fans and celebrities have wished him quick recovery as some offered to help clean him.


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