Mulamwah had low self-esteem until he met Huddah in December 2022 and everything changed.

The comedian now says he no longer even listens to people’s opinions about his looks after Huddah Monroe confirmed that he is very handsome.

“I am Mulams, and I was given that by Huddah. You know we met and she said Mulamwah was the most handsome man she had ever met. She said Mulamwah is handsome when you meet him, so these days I don’t even care what people say. Huddah finished it,” Mulamwah said in an interview with Eve Mungai.

The comedian said that he embraced the statement of praise from Huddah that he is handsome in person and said that that is a more positive statement than someone telling him that he looks good in a picture.

In December 2022, after meeting Mulamwah face to face for the first time, Huddah went to one of his photos on Instagram and wrote to him that she was happy with his appearance in person.

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