Mulamwah pays a Ksh9,000 monthly rent for his bedsitter and has no plan to move into a bigger house.

Speaking during in an interview with Plug Tv, Mulamwah said that the reason why he is spending less money on rent is because he is currently building his own mansion in Kitale.

In an earlier interview with Dr Ofweneke, Mulamwah revealed that he lives in a bedsitter despite having over Ksh1 million to his name.

“There are those people born in Nairobi, sisi tumekuja by bus, so we are here to hustle, we have two-three years then we go back, so it’s important that utengeneze hiyo place umetoka. Mi nikikaa hiyo nyumba ya Ksh9,000 it doesn’t mean that I don’t have money, I have over a million shillings ata saa hii tukiongea,” Mulamwah said.

The Kitale-bred comedian added that he could only justify spending a lot of money on his and his family’s lifestyle if he had a steady stream of money.

“I come from places where money is really valued, nikipatia shosho yangu thao najua itamskuma ata wiki mbili so you can’t convince me to go waste 10 or 15, unless you have created everything and have money incoming then now you can move to those levels of spending in that manner,” he stated.

The plan, Mulamwah said, was to stay in the Ksh9,000 bedsitter until he finishes the construction of his mansion in Kitale.

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