Home Entertaintment Mwalimu Rachel Comes Clean On Squandering Sailor’s Money Amounting To Ksh15 Million 

Mwalimu Rachel Comes Clean On Squandering Sailor’s Money Amounting To Ksh15 Million 

Mwalimu Rachel Comes Clean On Squandering Sailor's Money Amounting To Ksh15 Million 

Broke members of defunct Gengetone group Sailors are still blaming their former manager NRG Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel for their ordeal.

Sailors blame Mwalimu Rachel (real name Rachel Muthoni) for ruining their music career. The group’s Miracle Baby claimed that everything including their bank accounts, their money, their YouTube account and deals were taken away by their former manager.

Rachel, who managed Sailors for over two years, fell out with the group in 2019 and held on to all the passwords to their social media platforms.

Mwalimu Rachel said Sailors went behind her back when she was their manager at the time and joined another record label after all she had done for them.

She said she only discovered Sailors’ back stabbing move at the time the boys demanded details pertaining their social media account.

Mwalimu Rachel met the ordeal with much regret because she spent more than Ksh1.5 million on Sailors only for them to go against the terms of their contract.

Even though Rachel has made it clear that she never ruined Sailors’ career, the Gengetone group has been trying to take her down with them.

In May 2022, Sailor’s gang member Qoqos Juma accused Mwalimu Rachel of holding onto their money amounting to Ksh15 million.

Qoqos Juma claimed that their former manager is still pocketing all revenues generated from their music.

However, in a quick rejoinder, Mwalimu Rachel clarified that she re-channeled the reception of royalties from her account to that of Peter Miracle Baby.

She added that she still remunerated the group eight months after they signed the deal with another record label.

“If I had any ill intentions, it would have been seen from the very beginning, I would have still been receiving royalties from the streaming platforms but I gave their royalties despite the fallout,” Mwalimu Rachel stated.

The NRG radio presenter further dismissed claims that she had locked the group out of Ksh15 million noting that making the said amount of money was no easy job in the music industry.

Mwalimu Rachel also distanced herself from the tribulations the members are facing noting that the group was blinded by short-term deals.

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