Mwende Macharia has given her side of the story about Azziad’s reaction to her question.

Azziad on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, walked out of an interview with Mwende on Radio Maisha while protesting a question she was asked.

Mwende asked Azziad about the disbandment of the Talanta Hela Council but she read malice since she has been romantically linked to Sports CS Ababu Namwamba. 

Azziad responded with a ‘no comment’ answer when the presenter continued with other questions.

“We agreed not to talk about it. No comment. Mwende tukishaongea na tuka agree I will honestly walk out of here. Because we cannot agree on something then you go back on it,” Azziad protested.

“You do not respect me as a brand and I cannot appreciate that dear. Thank you,” she said as she walked out of the studio.

Mwende has since revealed that she invited Azziad to appear on her show segment called ‘Inspirational Wednesday,’ which focuses on showcasing the achievements of young individuals who have excelled in various areas of life.

“As one of those people who has achieved great success in her craft, I wanted Azziad to share her story with our audience,” Mwende explained during an interview with Nairobi News.

The radio presenter confirmed that the unexpected walkout occurred when she posed a question about the disbandment of the Talanta Hela Council, a topic they had agreed not to discuss.

Mwende maintained that her only intention was to inquire whether Azziad’s life had been affected by missing out on the Talanta Hela job position. She believed it was a fair question to ask as a journalist.

Mwende emphasized that such incidents are rare occurrences during her shows and that there is no animosity between her and Azziad. She clarified that as a journalist, she was simply doing her job.

“These are the occupational hazards we face in journalism. They happen from time to time, so it’s not the first instance. I’ve even befriended an artiste who walked out of our studio before,” Mwende shared.

Addressing the trolls and critics, Mwende asserted that she does not allow negativity to affect her life as an established journalist with 14 years of experience in the industry.

As for Azziad, Mwende said she holds nothing against her and that her actions were purely part of her professional duty.

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