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Nairobi Massage Parlors Alias Modern Day Brothels: Tricks Massage Parlors Use To Entice Clients To Pay For Sex 

Massage parlor
Massage parlor

‘Massage parlor’ is the new euphemism for modern day brothel in Nairobi. You walk in to relieve tension or pain and you could just walk out sexually satisfied.

Sex trade has penetrated massage parlors making them modern day brothels. Word has been making rounds about multiple massage parlors offering sex as an extra.

Massage parlors are now everywhere in Nairobi city, even in residential areas – some advertise their service some don’t.

You can walk into barber shop in Nairobi, get a hair cut then a 5-minute head massage before they tell you “we also offer full body massage” – of course at a certain fee.

The masseuses at barber shops usually wear short and revealing – often exposing hectares of titillating thighs and/or cleavages.

They intentionally squeeze your head in between their boobs while doing the head massage and when they notice you are sexually aroused then they pop the big question – full body massage.

If you agree they will lead you to a room that you didn’t even imagine existed in that barber shop, there again they will tell you another word which you probably don’t know its meaning –  they offer ‘happy ending’.

‘Happy ending’ is a euphemism that mean they are also offering you sex service at a fee, you sleep with that masseuse who turned you on or the alternative is going home with blue balls (google ‘epididymal hypertension’).

Massage parlors that advertise their services operate differently from the ones found in barber shops which operate clandestinely.

You walk into these massage parlors as a client seeking a relaxing professional massage – maybe you have muscle fatigue or joints pain – and they treat you like they really understand your problems.

At the reception, you will be handed a “menu” with a list of the different types of massage offered at the facility. The piece of paper are often accompanied with erotic images that would give you an optical feel of what to expect for every type listed.

Among the types of massage offered are Nuru-body-to-body massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and Four hands massage.

Four hands means you will have two girls massaging you at the same time. For Nuru, the girl will soak her naked body in oil and rub it against your body.

Swedish massage is a simple one, just to cool off your stress and deep tissue is the one where they press your veins hard to relieve of any pains.

The lady at the reception will probably advise you to go for Nuru massage explaining that it’s the most relaxing – often too careful not to hint that you are allowed to shag the masseuses, at a fee of course.

As she explains to you their services, about four or five young ladies of an average age 21-29 are seated across, dressed in skimpy clothes as they eagerly wait for you. You are almost undressing them with your eyes at this point.

After making a payment, you are led to the ladies from whom you choose who should give you the massage you desire so much.

The lady you choose will lead you to one of the private rooms where you will get your relaxing massage. The room usually has dim romantic lights, a very nice fragrance all pointing to a very spectacular experience ahead.

The lady will request you to take a shower first, hand you a white towel and lead you to the bathroom.

As you are washing your body, the lady rolls slow soothing music to set the mood for the massage.  Meanwhile your clothes are kept in a drawer together with other belongings including your phone – they are very honest they don’t steal from you.

The lady will tell you that they don’t allow clients to have their phones with them during the massage session, that’s why it is kept together with everything else in the drawer.

Moments later, you lie naked on a nice raised bed. With only your butt covered a white towel.

She will  smear olive oil on your  back and legs, then rub her elbows in spaces beside your back bone and her hands harder between your thighs – simply relaxing.

“By the way, do you want any extras?” The masseuse will ask you minutes later when you are at the peak of enjoying the massage.

Being that you are green and properly not into your right sense you will ask what she means by “extras”.

She will tell you that she can give you a “happy ending” if you like and if you agree she tells you that you won’t need to pay for it at the reception – you just pay her instead.

You will think that the management doesn’t know those masseuses offer clients sex, but that’s the way they want stupid you to think.

By now you have probably say yes to her sex proposal, she then tells you how much she charges for her services.

You will hear things like hand job for Ksh700, blow job for Ksh1600 and sex for Ksh3000.

Maybe you are alarmed because you have never paid for sex, the girl will make you feel relax and at ease. She will assure you that they offer massage and if someone is interested in sex they give him but at a little extra cost – not prostitution.

The masseuse then makes you feel pity for them. They tell you they are not paid any salary. They are only given a small portion of what you pay at the reception and to make ends meet they have to agree to sleep with clients – life is hard.

Some will even tell you they are the breadwinners in their families, how they have kids whose fathers are deadbeat – just a lot of BS but since you are horny you can tell they are just taking you for a ride.

It’s at this point that you agree to sleep with them. But you are still scared about their HIV status even when you probably know you will be using a condom.

So the masseuse tells you they rarely have raw sex, and if they do they charge exorbitant prices and they are armed with HIV self-test kits which are sold over the counter at the pharmacy.

You are so sold by this theory and all you thinking is how fast can you pounce at her and start harvesting her right away.

Sex trade in massage parlors is wide spread across Nairobi, and even women go there seeking services from masseurs – men who provides massage.

Married women are also frequenting massage parlors looking for satisfaction from youthful and mugged boys who offer the after massage services in parlors across the city – these are the new brothels.


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