Karen Nyamu bragged that she can get pregnant for the president while taking on a critic who blasted her.

The whole drama started after the UDA-nominated senator posted a video of Samidoh and her enjoying a meal together.

Nyamu said that she belongs to Samidoh in the clip.

However, a female critic commenting on the post wondered how Karen Nyamu would be acting if she was dating county commandant like her.

The troll noted that Nyamu was bragging about Samidoh yet he is a ‘mere’ police constable.

Angry Karen Nyamu replied on the detractor saying she can even give birth with the president if she decides to do so.

She went ahead and said she goes for love and not useless titles, meaning she loves Samidoh despite his rank in the police force.

Karen Nyamu further went ahead and said the police commandant the critic was talking about also respects her since she is a senator.

“Na ungekuwa umezaa na county commandant kama mimi tungepumua kama constable anakusumbua hivi,” MohitRana commented.

“Naweza zaa na a president nikitaka. commandant kitu gani. nikikohoa anaitika muulize me ni nani. i go for love not useless titles. me mwenyewe ni title,” Karen Nyamu replied.

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