Akothee’s ex Nelson Oyugi aka Nelly Oaks has responded after being accused by employees of 727 restaurant and bar in Karen.

Nelly Oaks was accused of poor management, mistreating staff at the Karen joint, and not paying them.

Akothee’s ex-boyfriend however denied any wrongdoing while claiming that he is not the owner of the joint.

“I have no formal association with 727 Bar and Restaurants or its previous owners. I joined as a marketing consultant when the investment opportunity was presented. However, the place did not meet my brand standards, and I have no contractual obligations to the employees there,” Nelly Oaks said in a statement.

“The misunderstanding is that I am the owner of the place, which I am not. I don’t even personally know any of the disgruntled employees. The management of the place approached me to be a partner, but I declined the offer after thinking it over. In fact, I haven’t been associated with the premises for almost a month now,” he added.

Nelly Oaks insisted that he hadn’t directly interacted with any of the establishment’s employees and was only aware of a recent break-in case that occurred after he had disengaged from the business.

“I did not conduct any interviews. I distance myself from formal management or misconduct. What I can confirm is that there is a reported break-in incident from last week, which happened after I ended my involvement,” he added.


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