Pritty Vishy showed her MPesa balance after sending woman 300 to buy sanitary pad.

The anonymous woman asked the controversial content creator to buy her a sanitary pad as she was not in a position to buy it herself yet her monthly period was fast approaching.

“Not a question but if you don’t mind naomba tu za pad. Please if you can I am almost starting mp (monthly period),” the woman commented on Vishy’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Pritty Vishy sarcastically asked her if she didn’t have a boyfriend to buy her the sanitary pads.

“Sorry to ask. Kwani you don’t have a boyfriend?” Vishy responded.

However, Vishy later on felt sorry for the woman and asked her for forgiveness over the harsh words she said.

The content creator further asked the woman to reach her via direct message (DM) so that she could help her buy the sanitary pad.

“And am really sorry for how I replied forgive me. If you’re the one who sent this kinda question please dm me I do something for you please,” Vishy said.

Vishy ultimately send the woman 300 bob to buy the sanitary pad that she needed.

In her statement, Pritty Vishy acknowledged that the amount she sent was relatively small but expressed hope that it would still be of some assistance to the recipient.

“I have sent her the pad. I know it’s small but will help somewhere,” Vishy wrote.

Vishy further posted a screenshot of her MPesa transaction to prove she had sent the woman the money.

The screenshot of Vishy’s MPesa transaction showed that she sent the woman 300 bob and her balance was 478 bob.

Netizens were quick to poke fun at Vishy’s MPesa balance with some wondering if celebs too were feeling the pinch of hard economic times like ordinary Kenyans.

Many Kenyans expressed shock and disbelief that influencers could find themselves in such financially challenging situations.

One fan commented, “Mpesa balance 400, kumbe maceleb wamesota tu kama sisi.”

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