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“Huyo Kijana Ameweza, Ni Mhot” Kachgly Opens Up After Dinner Date With Otile Brown

Otile Brown

“Very gentle, very romantic, ningepata chance ya Kumkiss, ningempea,” Kach gly has opened up after being treated to an exquisite dinner by Otile Brown.

The young woman expressed her deep love for the singer by dedicating him a song and tattooing his name name on her chest and he promised her a treat.

On Wednesday, Otile Brown ensured that she gets a proper make over before linking up where they spend some quality time together.

According to her, Otile Brown spend Kshs11,000 on her dress and heels.

Otile Brown’s  manager was the one who contacted her to know if she was available for the date. An Uber was sent to her and she was taken to Betty Kyallo’s salon where her hair, nails and makeup were done.

Speaking about the encounter, Kachgly said that she appreciates being pampered by the big celebrity.

“I am very happy, I am super excited. It was amazing, I appreciate,” she said in an interview whereby she was still wearing her dinner dress.

According to her, she spend a sleepless night after being informed on the date she was to meet her lifetime crush.

“Sikulala, Hakuna usingizi, nilikuwa naimagine itafika sangapi. Ilikuwa a very long day. Niliona ni kama ndoto,” Kachgly said.

“Sikuwahitarajia kitu kama hio ju hakuna mtu amewahinifanyia kitu kama hio. Hii ni first thing nimefanyiwa na Otile Brown hata kubuyiwa nguo. Otile Brown ndio amekuwa wa kwanza kunibuyia nguo. Huyo kijana alikwa ameweza ni mhot, anakaa vizuri. Singekimbia[kumhug] juu nilikuwa na heels. Pole nilikupaka makeup,” she added.




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