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“Nimepata Mubaba,” Carrol Sonnie Informs Her Mother After Announcing Split with Comedian Mulamwah

Carrol and her ex boyfriend Mulamwah.

Carrol Sonnie officially announced that she had split with comedian Mulamwa on Monday through her social media pages.

The mother of one however did not let the day go just like that but instead decided to play a trick on her mother.

In a YouTube video, Carrol pranked her mother informing her that she had found a sponsor after ending her relationship with Mulamwah.

“I have called you because I wanted to tell you that there is a guy from Qatar, we have been communicating and he said wants to date me, he is 50 years old, with a family and three children. So he told me he will take care of me and Keilah and he told me he will be sending me Kshs10,000, daily” she told her mother through a phone call.

Carrol went on to tell her mum that the guy was waiting for feedback and that is why she was seeking advice from her.

“I don’t know if I should just date him, because I don’t know how I will fend for Keilah, I have no job,” the mother of one said.

“Jamani Carrol, are you serious? eeh? Hio ni vitu gani unaanza kufikiria? Si unaniambia ako na familia. Huyo hata si ni babu yako ni vituko gani hizo?” her mother responded.

Carrol told her that the guy had money and that they would use it to even grow the business that she(her mother) was running but she could not hear any of that.

“Dooh ndio kusema nini, wacha nikuambie, Mungu ndio huwa anapanga mambo. Usianze kufikiria vile watu watakufikiria, maisha itaendelea. Vitu kama hizo ndio siwezi taka kuskia,” her mother advised.

“Hio hata siwezi taka maana hio ni kujiweka kwenye dhambi,” she added.

In the end, she informed her mother that it was just a prank and she could not help it but laugh.

“Usiwahijaribu kinichezea hivyo, unajua karibu pressure ipande nikashindwa kwani ni nini mbaya na wewe,” the mother said.


Sonnie took the initiative to inform the public that she was no longer an item with Mulamwah but did not mention the reason that led to their separation.

On the other hand Mulamwah has already introduced his new girlfriend and promised to giver details about their relationship later.

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