Obinna strongly criticized fellow comedian Mulamwah for investing a lot of his money in the construction of a luxury house in his village while in Nairobi he lives in a rented one-bedroom house.

Speaking to SPM Buzz, Obinna said that building a huge mansion in the village when one spends most of their time in the city was a wrong and bad investment.

Obinna said that he is one of the first comedians to build in his village but now looking back he sees that he was wrong in his decision to build in the village.

“I built a while ago, I think I am the first comedian to build. I built for my parents, I built for myself but sometimes building in the village is a bad investment. Because most of the time you are not there, you build a house, you invest more than 10 millions and you don’t live there,” Obinna said.

“As for my house, I rarely sleep there, when I go to Kisumu I sleep at a hotel and I go home to see if the grass has been cut. When I go home, I sleep there only for 2 nights and most of the time I am in Nairobi,” he added.

The comedian however noted that he had not told people not to build in the village but nonetheless insisted that there was no need to invest a lot of money upcountry and suffer in the city.

“I don’t mean that people should not build, build but don’t invest a lot of money. If you have a lot of money, fine, but if you don’t, build a house near where you will live,” he said.

Obinna said that he is planning to get a house in Nairobi with a budget of Ksh30 million but he said if he gets good money he will build or buy a house worth Ksh60 million.

Last weekend, Mulamwah showed his fans the luxury house he is building at their home in Kitale saying that it was 70 per cent completed.

Mulamwah added that he had already spent more than Ksh10 million in the construction.

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