Octopizzo has said that his rap skills  can not be compared to Khaligraph Jones.

The namba nane hitmaker told those who are comparing them to listen to his songs as well as those from Khaligraph and make their conclusions.

“I can’t be compared to anybody.  We kama unanicompare uko darasani unalala. Enda  uskie mziki. Eka mziki za huyo jamaa hivi na uskie zangu back to back halafu utajijibu,” he said in an interview.

This comes just weeks after Khaligraph Jones addressed his beef with Octopizzo.

According to him, he feels that Octopizzo doesn’t like him but he doesn’t blame him for that.

“Hanipendangi uyo boys, kuna tu mtu hunafeel hupendangi, na huwezi mblame, damu tu zilikataa. Ata siwezi mblame, ata ningekuwa yeye, singejipenda, singependa Khali,” Khaligraph told Oga Obinna.

He further said that he was too old to hold grudges with his fellow rapper.

At the same time he spoke highly of Octopizzo saying that his dressing is on top notch. He also said that he respects him so much.

“Anapiga modeling fiti and we respect that. I respect him so much coz jamaa came out of nowhere, he came from Kibera. Whether you love him or not, you gotta respect the grind. Just to see him elevate the way he has, you got to respect him, na mimi namrespect Octo sana,” Khaligraph said.


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