Kakamega twins, Melon Lutenyo and Sharon Mathias have once again been separated after one of them got married.

Melon recently got married at 22 years old to the love of her life in a traditional ceremony just months after joining college.

The information was shared on her Tiktok account where she said that no one forced her to do so and she does not regret it.

“I waited for this day and it finally reached. No one forced me. It was a decision made willingly and I don’t regret,” she said.

In one of the videos, Melon was seen shedding tears. She however explained that she was crying just because it was yet again time to part with her twin.

“Tears of joy, I have got the love of my life, Tears of sorrow  because I was parting ways from my sister,” she said.

@kakamegatwinsseparated at birth ,,,separated at highschool education ,,,,, separated at university level,,,, then now marriage life,,, sister miss you♬ original sound – melon lutenyo

According to her, there was no problem with her getting married at that age and that she would not stop her studies just because she is married.

“I finished my fourth form on April 21, 2021, and joined the university on September 27. I don’t see anything wrong with getting married.

“University is a place where you can get married and no one will question you. You pregnant and you face no discrimination,” she explained.

Melon and Sharon reunited 19 years after being separated at birth in 1999 at  Kakamega Provincial General Hospital, which is currently called Kakamega County Referral Hospital.

After linking up in social media, the two were able to meet together alongside their other sister Mevis Imbaya, who had all along been Melon’s twin.

DNA results confirmed that Sharon and Melon were identical twins.

Sharon grew up in Kangemi, Nairobi, while her twin and Mevis were brought up in Kakamega. Melon scored a C in KCSE while Sharon scored a C+.

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