Gospel singer Daddy Owen invited trouble after announcing that he was seeking to marry a village girl after his ex-wife eloped with a Nakuru tycoon.

Owen in a recent interview with Word Is revealed that his mother is pressuring him to remarry.

He further described the kind of woman he would want to date – saying he now prefers a village girl.

“I am looking for a serious woman to date and marry. I am looking for a dark-skinned woman, very prayerful. She should be from the village,” he said.

Owen noted that he has frequently been visiting and running projects in villages hoping to bump into his dream woman.

“I want to get a woman from there. I do not want to date someone who is born in the town,” he said.

“I do not want someone who is always on social media platforms. Staki mtu wa TikTok. I want someone who will be mine and not for the whole world. I want someone who will purely concentrate on our marriage, and make me traditional meals,” he added.

On how she dresses, Owen said her woman will not put on long trousers.

“I want someone who wears long dresses,” he said.

First to hit on Daddy Owen after he announced that he was looking for a wife was Pritty Vishy.

“Na si mtu amwambia Daddy Owen kwa niaba yangu kuwa nipo singo na bila vipodozi mimi ni mweusi wa asili. Mimi si rangi ya mkorogo kwa sababu sijui mtu anakuwa mkorogo aje. Pia napenda maombi sana, ifikie Daddy Owen,” Vishy wrote on InstaStory.

Other women carried placards and took to the streets seeking to draw Owen’s attention.

Speaking during an interview with Presenter Ali, Daddy Owen revealed that many more other women were spamming his Direct Message (DM) on social media.

The gospel singer approximated that nearly 1,000 women had sent him messages offering themselves for marriage.

“Naweza kuonyesha inbox yangu mbaka ushtuke. Mia ni kidogo, mia mbili ni kidogo. Tangu juzi imepita (mia tano). Maybe ni elfu moja,” he said.


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