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Pastor James Ng’ang’a to sue to have cows wear underwear


Pastor James Ng’ang’a is at it again and this time it is rather hard to know if he’s serious or he’s in jest.

The controversial pastor says that he will take everyone to court for having cows, and dogs in their houses and any other domesticated animals without having them put on some clothes.

These are some of the stuff that you can never make up, you have to listen to believe what the Pastor has to say because in the viral clip, he sounds serious than ever.

He wants to take people to court and he’s committed to do that, at least until he gets some answers why domesticated animals in our homestead are not wearing any clothes while we, as humans are wearing.

The video has many people confused about what he meant by domesticated animals wearing clothes.

If you know Pastor James Ng’ang’a, you sure know that he’s never short of anything controversial to say in his summons and as it turns out, at the moment, what he truly wants is to have our cows, our cats, our donkeys, and any other domesticated animals to have clothes just as we do.

I guess we are living on borrowed times if Pastors now wants to see our domesticated animals wearing pants.

Below is the video of Pastor James Ng’ang’a asking the “vital” question that will be the basis of his lawsuit.


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