“Ningetamani hata kujua, lakini sijajua mpaka sasa why I am here,” Pastor Paul Mackenzie has claimed that he doesn’t understand why he is behind bars.

Mackenzie made the revelation after being arraigned in court on Friday, June 1.

At the same time, he condemned the Kenyan media for misleading Kenyans on the controversies surrounding him.

According to him, the media was giving information to the public without conducting a thorough investigation.

“The message I can give is to condemn the Kenyan media for misleading people against me. I blame the Kenyan media for that. You have not investigated deeply what really transpired but you are announcing things that I personally don’t know, which is wrong,” the controversial pastor said.

Pastor Mackenzie was arraigned in Shanzu court after spending 30 days behind bars.

The Good News International church leader, alongside 17 others are facing charges in relations to the hundreds of bodies that were exhumed from Shakahola forest, where they allegedly conducted radicalized teachings.

The bodies are believed to be of his believers who starved to death in the name of fasting, while others are believed to have been killed after changing their minds on Mackenzie’s teachings.

The police are however seeking to have him in custody for 60 more days so that they can conclude investigations.

“Judicial remand for an extended period of 60 days is the least period possible within which investigations to be completed under the prevailing circumstances and constitutes the least restrictive means of preserving the Integrity of the delicate investigation,” the prosecution told the court.



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