Jacky Vike’s son, Mosi, has turned 6 years old.

The talented actress took to social media to celebrity her boy and unleashed his photos.

Vike, popularly known as Awinja Nyamwalo, however shared photos of her son when he was still 0-12 months old.

She didn’t risk to share his current appearance, saying that he is currently so grown, and the cute hair fans were seeing wasn’t the same.

“6 Years ago today! I got the Best gift ever in my life! My Son! ❤️
Tafadhali help me Wish my Son Mosi a happy 6th birthday I promise nitamsomea comments😁 swipe left to enjoy some of 0-12 months old Mosi sahii ni mzee nywele zimekua ngumu,” she said.

Many of her fans including celebrities took to the comments section to celebrate Mosi.

Kambua: Such a cutie!! You’ve done so well mama

Sarah Hassan: So adorable😍 Happy birthday to him, well done mama

Grace Msalame: What a Cutie😍Happiest Birthday to Mosi🥳🎂Well done Mama

In the past, the actress explained why she was always reluctant to share photos of her son on social media.

She noted that she can’t withstand the mean words that people would say about him.

“Huyu ni mtoto hata hajakosea mtu alafu watu wanamwambia ni mugly and then again I’m looking at it from ile point ya fine hatajua but sidhani naweza kuwa na ile patience ya kutolerate such juu naweza kutukana so na avoid sana vitu kama hizo. I’ve gotten those things, when I was pregnant niliwekelewa watu kama wanane mpaka MCA wa kwetu ushago sijawai jua anaexist. Mpaka kulikuwa na wochi hapo,” Jacky Vike said in an interview with MC Jessy.


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