“You can’t be sweating on top of me without paying my bills,” Pritty Vishy said while explaining reasons she doesn’t cry when her relationships crumble.

The controversial content creator took to social media to share relationship advice with her fans.

Vishy encouraged netizens to grow a thick skin and move on fast then they are dumped.

She shared tips that according to her had helped when her relationships hit rock bottom.

These are some reasons why I move on so fast after breakups.

1. I don’t invest all my feelings in a man who doesn’t know my worth.

2. I chase the bag. You can’t be sweating on top of me without paying my bills, and when you leave I sweat again crying and stressing myself.

3. I open a vacant door for a potential man.

4. Why should I stay ati one year healing? Kwani am I sick? I move on ASAP.

N/B. Before kujitesa na machozi ukilia huyo mwanaume, is he doing the same? What iimpact did he bring to your life ndo ujitese ivo? Ama yeye ni wa kusweat juu yako na kuumeria? Honey be wise.

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