Pritty Vishy has reacted after finding out that Stevo Simple Boy cheated on her with his current wife Grace Atieno.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, the 22-year old noted that Stevo was unbothered when she told him that she wanted to end their relationship since he had another lover.

Pritty Vishy however said that Grace will also treated the same way.

“Jangili alikuwa anacheat. Wanasemanga ati wacha nidate huyu sura mbaya ni wangu pekee yangu huyo sura mbaya pia anatafuta mwingine, we uko hapo ukidhania we ni sura mbaya. I am like okay, nimkuja kujua juzi because I was told by someone then I was hearing the way the lady was saying nilikuwa na Stevo hadi akiwa na Pritty Vishy…I was like ulikuwa sidechick we ndio ulikuwa unasaidia kuharibu ndoa ndio maana time nilikuwa nataka kutoka alikuwa anazungusha tu macho but anyway tit for tat nilikuwa sidechick hata wewe utakuwa sidechick,” the upcoming rapper said.

Pritty Vishy further said that she doesn’t know Grace. She only knew about her after Stevo introduced her during his father’s burial.

“She was pregnant, they posted kwani hio mimba haimei kwani ako na mimba ya dwarf?” she joked.

The pregnancy reports were however untrue.

At the same time Pritty said that Grace can’t manage to be Stevo’s manager because she knows nothing about the industry.

According to her, for Grace to grasp the concept, it might even take up to two years and that will be slowing down Stevo’s career.

“People are saying Stevo should manage himself. Stevo can’t even speak for him. The first time I talked, the second time his wife did, it obviously shows that he can not speak for himself. Stevo can’t defend himself before a client that I deserve Kshs50,000 because I can do this and this.

“People are saying that his wife should manage him now. You will give that woman a hard time. The industry is not easy, that woman knows nothing about the industry atleast me I have some hint because I have been there. For her to get that hint, it will take a year or two  and will be slowing down the artist because he has to be out there, make moves, money. He only depends on music, he doesn’t have any other job,” she pointed out.



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