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Ringtone Reveals What He Did With The Range Rover He Bought Zari After She Turned It Down

Ringtone Reveals What He Did With The Range Rover He Bought Zari After She Turned It Down

Ringtone bought a brand new Range Rover Sport in a desperate bid to win over Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

The controversial singer started hitting on Zari in May 2018 just shortly after she broke up with Diamond Platnumz.

The mother of five dumped her Tanzanian baby daddy on Valentine’s Day 2018 because of his continued infidelity.

Zari was in Kenya in May 2018 and Ringtone tried to shoot his shot, enticing her with a brand new Range Rover Sports 2017.

Ringtone declared his undying love for Zari saying he was ready to marry and her and provide for her children.

“Dear Zari,
I know you are coming to Kenya anytime from now. I take this opportunity to welcome you to my beloved country.
I checked and I realised that you were in church ⛪ on Sunday am happy because it’s only in Jesus that you won’t be hurt like Diamond did. Pleaaaase stay in church and in God. You recently posted on your IG that you wanted a Range Rover OK I took note and I want to let the world know today that I have bought you a brand new Range Rover sport 2017 model. Am sorry I know you wanted white but I only managed a black one in color. Please arrange how to pick your key? b4 you leave. While you in Kenya if you need anything let me know I will make sure it’s done for you,” Ringtone wrote on May 10, 2018.


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Ringtone stormed Kiss FM premise in Westlands with the Range Rover gift. Zari was being interviewed at the station and the Kenyan singer used the opportunity to approach her.

Zari however turned down Ringtone’s marriage proposal and even refused to pick the Range Rover he bought her.

Fast forward to June 2022, Zari jetted back into the country for an official visit and Ringtone was dragged into the mix.

In a phone interview on Milele FM, the controversial singer spoke on the Range Rover he bought the Ugandan socialite back in 2018.

Ringtone said he sold the Range Rover he bought Zari after she turned him down.

“I did not want to buy a Range Rover, I had bought it for her but she refused it. Someone just told me when about her coming to Kenya when leaving the gym. I will think if I have time to do anything to look for her or I will let her be and go back home,” he said.

Ringtone further denied that he had feelings for the socialite and instead said he wanted to help her embark on her salvation journey.

“I have never had any feelings towards her I was just trying to encourage her to know that she can get saved and God can help her I was trying to show her that these things of the world are very small before God,’ he added.

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