Risper Faith says,”Hatuna nyota ya kushika mimba kwetu, nilijaribu kutrap wababa na boyfriends wengi sikushika ball!”

Socialite Risper Faith recently opened up in a candid TikTok video, sharing her past attempts to trap men into relationships by getting pregnant, and the unexpected twist of fate that eventually led her to motherhood.

Her testimony and revelations have sparked conversations and reflections on the complexities of relationships and parenthood.

In the video, Risper shared her personal journey, admitting that she had made numerous unsuccessful attempts to conceive during past relationships.

“I’ve had many boyfriends. But there has never been a day when I got pregnant. I’ve tried to trap many men, but I’ve never conceived,” she confessed.

However, her story took an unexpected turn when she married Brian Muiruri. Just two months after their wedding, Risper discovered she was pregnant. The swift and surprising nature of her pregnancy left her amazed and bewildered.

“I got married in the second month after my wedding and got pregnant. Without any struggle,” she revealed. This dramatic contrast to her previous experiences left her and her family in disbelief.

Overwhelmed by the news, Risper turned to her sister, Carol, with whom she shared an incredibly close bond. Together, they conducted multiple pregnancy tests, all of which confirmed the unexpected reality, Risper was indeed pregnant.

Risper Faith’s story touches on several important aspects of relationships, fertility, and the complexities of family planning.

Many couples and lovers are struggling as they face challenges of becoming parents.

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