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Robert Alai Shows Edday Nderitu Some Love After She Was Snubbed By Samidoh

Edday Nderitu

“You are a strong woman, you deserve better,” Robert Alai shared on Facebook while wishing  Samidoh’s first wife Edday Nderitu a happy birthday.

The MCA-cum-blogger further threw a shade at Samidoh for failing to wish wishing Edday a happy birthday.

“Belated Happy Birthday Edday Nderitu. You are strong woman. You deserve better. He didn’t even remember to wish you happy birthday,” Alai said.

Edday celebrated her birthday recently and she took to Instagram to celebrate herself.

“”The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Happy birthday to me,” the mother of three said and went ahead to unfollow Samidoh on Instagram.

The cause of her move remains unclear but many believe that she did so after being snubbed by the father of her children.

Alai has however been picking on Samidoh after it emerged that he contributed in investigations that saw DJ Fatxo, who was accused of killing his nephew Jeff Mwathi, walk away scot free.

Alai bashed Samidoh claiming that he was bribed to save Fatxo.

“Samidoh has been bribed to save the murderer who is a fellow artist. A suspect is openly bragging about how a police officer helped him escape murder,” the blogger shared on Facebook.

Samidoh responded to him saying that he was looking for relevance on things he knew nothing about. His move however seemed to have added more firewood into fire as Alai has been attacking him non-stop.

“Hebu ask the Gigolo why Edday ran to the US with children and declared that she is not returning. If he is not explaining, I will explain it for you all. Karen can also help the Gigolo. Meanwhile, I expect the National Police Service to take action on an officer who is offering protection to murder suspects,” Alai wrote.

“Yeye mke amemkimbia akaenda US because he ie useless.Huyu mwingine the peddler amekuwa na lawyer fulani in Coast this whole week na you are telling me you are a man when unaimagine hata vile my genitals look like? You are 32 years old and wife amekimbia and the twerking peddler is 44. You are a CONFUSED GIGOLO,” he further claimed in a separate post.

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