Deputy president William Samoei Ruto on Sunday cried foul while claiming that goons were determined to block him from attending a church service.

While his allies blamed one Kanini Kega without providing evidence, there are those who accused the deputy president’s side of stage-managing the situation in a bid to gain sympathy from voters.

“Kanini Kega is a good student of ODM school of violence and chaos, he hire 10 goons to block road that leads to a church where the Deputy President Dr William Samoei Ruto is expected to attend church service. ” Wrote allies of the second in command.

“Kanini Kega Kanini Kega decided to start “constructing” the road leading to Mbiriri Full Gospel Church overnight since DP Dr William Ruto will be joining the congregants there this morning.” Claimed another ally of the DP.

At the same time, this is what those of contrary views had to say with regards to these allegations:

“It is very difficult to trust Tangatanga allies since they are people that can do anything to thrive on controversy. I wont be shocked if they erected those road blocks by themselves to earn sympathy.” Wrote one Kenyan.

Another one added: “Why is it that these accusations are only emanating from supporters of DP Ruto? How did they get this information and concluded that it was Kanini Kega and not any other person? Do they think we can buy these cheap narratives?”

“These are the usual sympathy seeking tendencies no wander they have “carried out their investigations” in minutes then concluded that it was so and so as opposed to them. I wont be shocked if it turns out that they hired goons to block their own way to the church.”

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