Nick Ruto, the son to the Kenyan deputy president had a rough time defending himself amidst accusations that he is a gay.

The accusations came in the wake of Nick Ruto receiving gifts from a male counterpart, something which was somehow weird in the African context.

In the video clip, Nick Ruto and the mzungu man sat on a Romantic dinner table as the former moved close to his neck before furnishing him with a golden chain on his neck.

As a result of the video, Kenyans took to their social media handles to accuse Nick Ruto of being a serial gay.

Below is how some Kenyans commented after coming across the video clip taken at the dinner table:

“Why must a man accept a fellow man to put a necklace on him like the wife? Couldn’t he just give it in his hand without wearing it for him?” Complained a Kenyan.

“Two men exchanging rings on a dinner table is one of those strange things i have seen this year.”Opined another one.

However, the son to the deputy president in a Facebook post denied the accusations while urging Kenyans to appreciate the value of friendship.

“Build your circle and celebrate each other. If you can, gift your friends the best you can on their special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, weddings e.t.c.

This will help you understand the value of friendship and comprehend that gifting a friend of the same or Opposite gender does NOT amount to a sexual/erotic relationship. Thank you all for your Birthday wishes and gifts.” Wrote Nick Ruto.

The son to the second in command held his birthday celebration on September 11th which was to be on September 9th.

While celebrating the big day, this is what the second in command stated: “Today I am celebrating my birthday… Growing strong and wise..3rd floor is sweet.”

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