Karen Nyamu and her baby daddy Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh held in a live session on Tiktok on Wednesday night where the latter accused the former of hiding a man in their bedroom.

The lovers were also joined by their two friends known as Kelvin Shaban and Wambui who shared a chat with them. During that period, senator Nyamu was seen in bed while wearing light clothes.

As the four continued to chat one-on-one, Karen showed around her bedroom, including where she had kept a picture of her and Samidoh. That’s when their friend Shaban claimed to have seen a man who looked like Dedan Kimathi.

At the same time, Samidoh seemed to indicate that he too had seen something suspicious and asked the mother of his two children to show the veiled side, which left him with a big shock on his face.

“Nani huyo ako kwa taa,” Samidoh was heard asking his baby mama after showing the room again using the camera.

The UDA nominated senator seemed very shocked after his lover Samidoh claimed he saw a man near the lamp.

“Kwa taa gani babe?” Karen Nyamu asked in surprise.

Shaban supported the Mugithi singer insisting that he also saw a man in Karen’s room.

Following that, Karen appeared to strongly warn the friend against claims that she has seen a man in the room and explained that her boyfriend Samidoh does not like such jokes.

“Wewe Shaban unajua Sam hapendi jokes. Wee, ebu acha jokes, unajua Sam hapendi jokes,” Karen Nyamu said.

The friend, however, continued to insist that he had seen a man and questioned why he was being hidden.

“Anafichwa kwa nini si akuje tuongee?” asked Shaban.

After everyone seemed satisfied that there was no one in the room, they continued their conversation which was generally entertaining and funny.

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