“Kababa utafanya nini na sioni bibi aki come?” Samidoh is receiving funny jokes online from his fans.

Samidoh has been responding to fans who have been intruding into his personal life, particularly those who seem overly concerned with his marital issues.

In his recent posts, he often receives comments from fans regarding the two important women in his life, his wife Edday Nderitu and baby mama Karen Nyamu.

Since Edday’s departure with their children to the USA, there has been speculation on social media that it could mark the end of their marriage.

Despite their love triangle that involves his wife, Edday Nderitu, and Karen Nyamu, a politician and lawyer, Samidoh and Edday have continued to work on their marriage, and have been seen together in public events.

Samidoh’s marriage controversy has been a topic of interest, however, his wife Edday has been vocal in revealing that their marriage is not a happy one, especially as she shares her husaband with Senator Karen as a co-wife.

"The Trip To US Was Sponsored" - Samidoh's Wife Edday Comes Clean Earlier this month, Edday and her three children departed for the United States, accompanied by her husband Samidoh.

Upon their arrival in the US, they were welcomed by Edday’s friend Bernice Saroni, who resides in America.

Currently, Edday and her children are staying at Bernice’s residence in Boston.


A photo of Samidoh’s wife Edday Nderitu next to an American Air Force soldier has caused unnecessary reactions, with many netizens poking the mugithi star to see if he’ll feel some how.

“I saw your person with someone else,” a fan wrote..

“Even yours has been seen with ten people but you do not know,” Samidoh replied.

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