Samidoh angrily hit back at those who criticized him for wanting to reunite with his estranged wife Edday Nderitu.

The Mugithi singer pleaded with Edday to get back to him in his latest song dubbed ‘Wendo Witu’ (Our Love) where he holds himself accountable for his wife’s departure.

Edday Nderitu has been away in the US since May 2023.

“Clearly, I’m to blame for our failed love and it pains me that you left. I’ve been sorry and I still love you. I still hold my promises to you. To take care of you as I assured your parents. Please come back home, let’s raise our babies together,” he sings.

Samidoh has also been posting inspirational posts on social media aimed at wooing his estranged wife and also encouraging his fans.

In his latest post, Samidoh warned his fans against betraying others, igniting a litany of comments.

“When you sell your friend, even your buyer will not trust you. Stop betraying others,” Samidoh wrote.

Mercy Justin slammed Samidoh for warning people against betrayals, stating that the musician himself betrayed his wife and now he wants her back.

“Same way you betrayed your marriage and now you want your wife back and you expect her to trust you again. Huh total bullshit,” Mercy Justin commented on Samidoh’s post.

In a quick rejoinder, Samidoh hit back at Mercy saying she shouldn’t poke her nose into his business.

“Mercy Justin hehe ni nini looseness of the bowels kwa vitu hazikuhusu mama,” Samidoh wrote.



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