“My grandfather used to say, ‘It’s not advisable to marry only one wife.” Samidoh’s brother, Amos Junior who’s also a musician sings.

Amos Junior, the younger brother of renowned Mugiithi singer Samidoh, recently made a revealing statement about their family’s endorsement of polygamous marriage.

In a video shared on Facebook, Amos shed light on their family’s distinctive marital tradition, disclosing that their grandfather advocated for polygamy within their lineage.

Amos narrated how their grandfather, who had faced difficulties in his relationship with his sole wife, imparted a valuable message to the family, encouraging the men to avoid marrying just one wife.

Quoting their grandfather’s words, Amos sang in the video, “You should not marry one wife because of how his wife, my grandmother, disturbed him since she was his only wife.”

According to Amos, the practice of polygamy in their family was not a choice they made independently but rather a cultural legacy they inherited.

He emphasized in the video, “It is not our wish,” implying that their commitment to polygamy stemmed from their grandfather’s teachings.

Samidoh and his young brotherDuring Amos’ graduation ceremony, Samidoh introduced his younger brother on social media, sharing their pictures together.

Expressing his excitement, Samidoh warmly congratulated Amos on his academic achievement, teasing him about his tendency to procrastinate.

The shared pictures on social media also showcased the close bond between Samidoh and his baby mama and lover, Senator Karen Nyamu. Samidoh, along with some family members and Ms. Nyamu, attended Amos’ graduation celebration.

Edday Karen Nyamu Samidoh (2)In addition to congratulating Amos, the senator spoke about her strong relationship with Samidoh, which extended beyond their shared parental responsibilities.

While Samidoh’s legal wife, Edday Nderitu, and their three children currently reside in the US, Ms. Nyamu continues to provide companionship to Samidoh.

The revelation made by Amos Junior regarding their family’s endorsement of polygamy offers a glimpse into their cultural traditions and the influence of their grandfather’s teachings.

Edday Nderitu must now make a tough decision once and for all, to share Samidoh with Karen Nyamu or leave.

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