“Jabo Jabo” “We thank God, we are now in the billionaire’s club officially,” Sarah Kabu reveals.

Simon Kabu and Sarah Kabu are a remarkable entrepreneurial couple who have made a significant impact in the business world. They are the co-founders and brains behind Bonfire Adventures, a renowned tours and travel company in Kenya.

Simon Kabu is a visionary entrepreneur known for his dynamic leadership and innovative ideas.

With his passion for travel and tourism, he co-founded Bonfire Adventures with the aim of providing unique and memorable experiences for tourists visiting Kenya.

Simon’s strategic thinking and determination have played a crucial role in the company’s success.

Sarah Kabu, on the other hand, is a highly talented and influential businesswoman.

With her exceptional skills in marketing and customer relations, she has been instrumental in building Bonfire Adventures’ reputation as a leading travel brand.

Sarah’s creativity and attention to detail have contributed to the company’s growth and its ability to provide exceptional services to its clients.

Together, they have transformed Bonfire Adventures into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, cementing their position as successful entrepreneurs.

Their journey from humble beginnings to becoming billionaires is an inspiration to many aspiring business owners.

No Peace In This Paradise! Photos Of Simon And Sarah Kabu's 5-Bedroom Mansion
Notably, their wealth has been acquired through legitimate means, setting a positive example in the business community.

In Kenya, there exist a limited number of entrepreneurs whose official net worth exceeds a billion Kenyan Shillings.

Simon and Sarah Kabu,  are now billionaires.

The Drama Continues... Sarah Kabu Makes U-Turn On Her Shocking StatementsThe Kabus have achieved billionaire status through their successful tours and travel business, earning the esteemed distinction as one of the prominent modern examples of going from rags to riches.

During a video interview with popular YouTuber Wode Maya, the dynamic couple revealed their entrance into the prestigious circle of accomplished individuals.

“We are grateful to God that we have officially joined the billionaire’s club,” said Mrs. Kabu.

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