Shaffie Weru is known for his love for the drink but there were also claims that he has been doing hard drugs as well.

The media personality addressed the misconceptions about his lifestyle, particularly those related to partying and drug use, while speaking during a recent interview with a local publisher.

Shaffie insisted that there was no way he would have worked in the media industry for 17 years if he was a drug junkie.

“Some people still value me, but there is a misconception that people have about me, that I am only about drugs and alcohol. Had I been using drugs, there is no way I would have held my radio job for 17 years, consistently delivering valuable content to the public,” Shaffie said.

Shaffie, who was appointment as the head of the county events team for the Nairobi Governor’s office took place in April 2023, noted that he faced challenges in his new job due to his unconventional appearance.

The media personality has numerous tattoos and distinctive earrings which make made transition from radio to public service a bit complicated.

“When my boss appointed me for this role, there was a lot of backlash, from the earrings to the ink and beards, but the governor appointed me to do the job. These things have never hindered me from fulfilling my duties before. There are numerous young people working for him,” Shaffie explained.

“Three years without a job can lead you down many paths, but I am working for someone who is cool and familiar to me. People perceive us differently [based on our outward appearances]. Working with the government has provided me with insight into another facet of life. In entertainment, you mostly know your friends and the party scene, but working for the county is an entirely different experience. We visit places like Kayole, Korogocho, and various other slums to serve the people there,” he added.

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