Shakilla rudely dismissed her mother who was seriously concerned about her behaviour.

The socialite took to social media to share a screenshot of her conversation with her mother.

She complained that her mother always checks on her status and writes her a whole paragraph about how she feels.

“One thing my momma gonna do is check my status and write a whole paragraph of how she feels,” Shakilla wrote.

In the conversation, Shakilla’s mother was advising her daughter to stop smoking marijuana and cigarettes.

“Do you know in the future if you don’t stop smocking weed or cigarettes you will develop hypertension, diabetes or heart conditions. You are already genetically e..,” Shakilla’s mother wrote.

“Please mom that’s enough. Shouldn’t you be sleeping it’s past bedtime already,” Shakilla responded to her mother.

In another post, Shakilla angrily responded to critics who castigated her for talking to her mother rudely.

“My past is your future, the current I’m living right now is what you had been dreaming of since you were born. You people think you can have any opinion in anyone’s life mtchheeww,” Shakilla wrote.

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