“You will develop  hypertension, diabetes or heart conditions” Shakilla Tifanny’s mother has warned her daughter.

The socialite’s mother send her message asking her to stop smoking weed and cigarettes because of the serious conditions that are glaring at her in future.

“You are already genetically e…” the concerned mother further told her daughter.

Responding to her message, Shakilla wondered why her mother was still awake at the time.

“Please mom that’s enough, shouldn’t you be sleeping, it’s past your bedtime already,” the socialite said.

Shakilla went on to reveal that her mother is always checking her status.

“One thing my mom gonna do is check my status and write a whole paragraph of how she feels,” she captioned the screenshot of the conversation between her and her mother.

That aside, it is however not clear if her mother is aware that her daughter has gone to the extend of joining porn industry.

Earlier this year, Shakilla called upon her fans to support her on Brazzers, a website that focuses on making adult content.

“Click the link on my bio and support this black babe on Brazzers,” she wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, it is barely weeks since Shakilla was deported from Turkey. The socialite was also forced to part with $450 over Visa violation.

The queen of the streets over stayed in the foreign country for two months, hence the country’s authorities summoned and kicked her out.

“And that  is how I lost $450 and two month ban in Turkey due to an overstay of two months,” she told her followers.


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