Sherylne Anyango has been has ghosted by her mzungu fiancé but she hasn’t given up on dating white people.

The bootyful socialite opened up about her preference for white men while speaking during an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve.

“I prefer white men, they are very understanding you can have a conversation with them and they know how to love that’s all I am saying,” she told Mungai.

“You feel like our kenyan men or maybe africans you are not able to have a conversation with them?” Mungai asked Sherlyne.

“Yes. I have a problem with African men because most of them they have issues like most of them are like from single mothers and everything so kitu tu kidogo imemvunja. It’s like you are walking on glasses you can’t just say anything that you want to them. With white men, you can just talk to them how you feel like,” she said.

Sherylne was recently dumped by her mzungu fiancé Andrew whom she started dating after breaking up with Obinna.

The socialite claimed that the mzungu’s family became suspicious of her after conducting a Google search for her identity.

Sherylne said her history had gotten the better of her in an interview with YouTube content maker Presenter Ali.

“At one point, I was going to get married. The guy whom I was going to get married to, the family decided to google my name. So all the things that came up were things from Xtian Dela’s Club Covid and all the things I used to do as a 19-year-old,” Sherylne sadly revealed.

The socialite noted that despite the fact that the guy was head over heels in love with her, the wedding was called off because of what the family discovered online.

“The guy… the mzungu guy that you all used to see on my page, the one I used to post he was in love with me. He liked me like a lot, but the family felt I was a red flag. They seriously thought I was a red flag thus they advised their son not to marry me. That was an eye-opener for me,” Sherylne revealed.

Regarding her present-day regrets Sherylne, who had moved to the US, insisted that although performing on Club Covid helped her financially, she regrets performing with her butt exposed.

Sherylne acknowledged that she regrets not trying harder to behave decently or concealing herself properly while filming the show.

In the interview with Mungai Eve, Sherlyne said she chose Andrew over Obinna after evaluating the pros and cons of both men.

She said she chose Andrew based on what he offered in terms of support and potential.

“I literally sat down nikaandika huyu ananisaidia na nini na huyu mwingine ananisaidia na nini… so the white guy is the one who won. He had more pros than Obinna so i chose Andrew,” Sherlyne said.

The socialite added that Andrew has completely ghosted him following his family’s discovery about her dirty past.

“It’s hard to be honest because I was depending on him but now he cut me off completely. I’d like him to come back to me. I haven’t gotten a chance to speak to him, but he still follows me on Instagram but whenever I text him he never replies. So I decided to move on with my life, that’s why I decided to come back to Kenya.”

Sherlyne however remains optimistic that Andrew and her would get back together.

“I’m honestly depending on him to give me a way forward. He’s quiet, he doesn’t talk to me. I’ve not told my mum the whole truth. She doesn’t know the whole truth about it because maybe kesho tunaweza rudiana, she still asks questions I’m yet to answer,” she added.

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