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“She’s Not Important” Kiss FM’s Obinna Continues Roasting Diana Marua


Kiss FM presenter Obinna angrily clashed with Diana Marua after her interview with controversial gospel singer Ringtone.

Obinna slammed Diana Marua for lack of creativity after she stole his concept for online content creation.

The Kiss FM presenter came up with the concept of interviewing celebs while giving them food to eat in his YouTube show dubbed ‘Kula Cooler’.

The show has been a hit and Diana Marua who also has her own YouTube show decided to change format to start offering food to her guests.

Obinna was particularly angry at Diana Marua after she incited Ringtone not turn up for Kula Cooler show. Bahati’s wife instead invited the controversial singer to her house and interviewed him as he ate food.

Speaking during an interview with YouTuber Mungai Eve during Arrow Bwoy’s album launch, Obinna continued roasting Diana Marua.

According to Obinna, he did know the other show she does but said he was DM’ed about the show she did with Ringtone.

“I was DM’d actually the part that was shared online of her eating with Ringtone. I saw it and was like, wait a minute this is Kula Cooler show,” he said.

“I respect the hustle and I don’t have an issue. Someone told me she was cooking and they were eating in the kitchen or something. I can’t stop her even if she does my show. The thing is, there is no Obinna’s factor in it,” he added.

Asked if the two have beef, Obinna said Diana is not important to him and as such she doesn’t deserve his time.

“Why would I beef with Diana Marua. I beef with important people. To me, she is not important,” said Obinna.

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