Shakilla says she tattoos her ex boyfriends when they pass away.

In a shocking revelation that has left her fans and followers speechless, social media sensation Shakilla claims point it could be possible that all of her 11 ex-boyfriends have tragically passed away.

Adding to the bewildering news, she disclosed that she has tattoos dedicated to each of them upon their death.

This unexpected revelation has left many netizens wondering if she is what’s referred to as a “red thigh” in many local tribes.

Various definitions exist for such women, with many portraying them as seductive vampires and destroyers of men. Within the Kikuyu community, for instance, they are known as ‘atumia a ciero ndune,’ which translates to ‘women of the red thigh’ in English.

These women are believed to belong to a category afflicted by a curse or malevolent spirit. According to local beliefs, any man who becomes entangled with them is destined to meet his demise, whether through illness or accident.

Shakilla, known for her bold and controversial statements, took to her social media accounts to share the startling news.

The 23-year-old socialite rose to fame through her eye-catching photos, outspoken nature, and a string of rumored high-profile relationships.

While her revelations have often made headlines, this particular claim has left many people in shock.

“”I have 19 tattoos in total 11 are of my ex. I got my first tattoo immediately after my ex died. The most inspiring tattoo, I’ve had is of my best friend’s face. I tattoo my ex-boyfriends when they die.” Shakilla says.


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