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“Sijawai Kuwa Tajiri” Hamisa Mobetto Admits To Living Fake Life On Social Media


Hamisa Mobetto has confessed that she is struggling financially even though on social media she looks like a very rich woman.

Most people won’t post their failures or hardships on social media, we’ve gotten into the habit of curating what we put out there in order to create a positive projection of ourselves.

Positive projection, in most cases, has a lot of benefits and this explains why people fake it on social media.

Hamisa Mobetto while speaking to journalists in Tanzania took everyone by surprise when she confessed that she is still struggling to strike it rich.

The mother of two stressed that she has never been rich contrary to the perception she has created on social media.

She said that she is still struggling to attain financial stability and that people shouldn’t be shocked to see her do some businesses like selling tomatoes.

“Sijawai kuwa tajiri, mimi ndo napambana ndo nafanya hivi. Kesho ata ukinikuta nauza nyanya, nauza chochote ujue napambana,” said Hamisa Mobetto.

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