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“Sikusema Mimba Ni Yake” Karen Nyamu Slams Samidoh, Ignites Speculations She Was Impregnated By Mystery Luo Man


Samidoh indicated that he is not the one who impregnated Karen Nyamu, and she subsequently confirmed she was knocked up by another man.

The paternity of Karen Nyamu’s unborn baby became a subject of discussion again after Valentine’s Day.

Things got quite ugly after Nyamu received flowers on Valentine’s Day from a mystery Luo man.

Lovestruck Nyamu took to social media to let the whole world know she received flowers, she heaped praises on Luo men for being romantic.

Nyamu then took to Tik Tok and shared video of herself singing along to a popular audio of a man talking about toxic relationships and exes.

Samidoh was quick to respond to Nyamu. He also shared a video of himself singing along a song ‘Ndikurera Shifta’ by the late Sam Kinuthia.

The song is about a man who was left by by his woman who fell for a Somali man, only to go back looking for him later.

The song also says that the woman got a child for the Somali man, whom she named after the ex’s mom.

Many speculated that Samidoh was indicating Karen Nyamu had gotten pregnant for another man and that she was trying to fix him.

While replaying to a fan who asked about Samidoh denying her pregnancy, Nyamu stated that her unborn baby was not sired by the musician.

“Samidoh aliruka boll (Samidoh denied impregnating you)” a fan asked.

To which Karen Nyamu replied;

“Awache kujishuku hajaambiwa ni yake (He should stop speculating, he has not been told it is his)”.

If indeed Nyamu’s unborn baby is not Samidoh’s, then it means she will be having three baby daddies when she gives birth.

Nyamu’s firstborn daughter was fathered by Dj Saint, her son by Samidoh and her unborn baby…. Maybe the lovey dovey Luo man she praised on Valentine’s Day, who knows!

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