Mejja said he was warned against using miraa before his appendix got infected.

The rapper opened up about his condition while speaking during an interview with Mwafreeka Mwaf on his podcast ‘Iko Nini’.

Mejja said he started noticing he was having painful stitches before one day he lost consciousness at an event only to wake up to find himself in an ambulance.

“Sasa yangu ilikua imepile up inakuja kama stich, nashindwa hii stich haiishi alafu ilikua painful,” he said.

The rapper was taken to the hospital where doctors carried out a number of tests and released him to go home.

Mejja was relaxing at home when he got a call to inform him about the test results.

He was informed that his condition was severe and thus had to undergo emergency surgery.

Mejja said that he was told that his appendix was n the verge of bursting and that it could infect other organs if he didn’t undergo surgery immediately.

“Nakula hivi food msee alikuja akaniambia unaenda surgery sahi sahi kwa sababu results zangu zilikuja appendix yangu ilikua inataka kuburst. Alafu waliniambia ikiburst itafanya organs zako zianze kuoza. So unaimagine mimi sikua prepared kuenda surgery saa hio,” Mejja recalled.

The rapper underwent the emergency operation where surgeons removed his appendix.

“Lakini ilikua nilitolewa hii, sina hii organ moja – appendix,” he said.

The rapper noted that people told him chewing miraa was what caused his appendix to be damaged even though he himself doesn’t think so.

“Nilikua naambiwa na wasee hii jaba yako, lakini siamini ni jaba,” Mejja said.

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